Epicentre - Visitors Center

If you are new to the county, then you must make a point of visiting the Epicentre. This building is not only home to the county tourism office, but also provides information on the main attractions of the county’s cultural and natural heritage.

Fotografia de l'interior de l'Epicentre

Epicentre offers an attractive experience of cultural leisure, it shows the main attractions in the region and motivates the visitors to discover the landscapes, historical legacy, resources, products and services. It is a must-see to everybody interested in Pallars Jussà, here you will find the several options for visits and activities and you will enjoy the local products and the tourist offers.

The facility has all the very latest technology, including a 3D room and several interactive screens...

Fotografia de la sala d'història de l'Epicentre
Fotografia de la sala de terra de dinosaures de l'Epicentre
Fotografia de la sala 3D de l'Epicentre